Dr. John Headding, Pharm.D. has been practicing clinical pharmacy for over 25 years.  He obtained his bachelor of science in pharmacy degree from the University of Pacific in Stockton California and then went on to receive his doctor pharmacy degree at the University of Pacific as well.  In addition he holds a Masters degree in healthcare administration from Colorado University in Denver.  Dr. Headding received his training in pharmaceutical compounding from the University of Florida in Gainesville.

During his career he has worked in both hospitals and retail pharmacy, and additionally has been a Chief Executive Officer of several hospitals for the largest healthcare chain in California.  He specializes in the management of complex medication regimens, chronic disease therapies, drug interactions , Complex pain management Prescription regimens, Pharmaceutical compounding, and personalized pharmaceutical medicine.  Dr. Headding believes that patients should have direct access to their pharmacists and is always available for questions and consultations directly with patients in his practice location At Morro Bay Drug.

In his free time Dr. Headding enjoys golf, Biking, and just spending time with his family enjoying the beauty of Morro Bay and the Central Coast.